Vacuum Evaporation

Vacuum Vapor Deposition are used for production of variety

types of coating, semiconductor wafer, glasses, lens, toys, lamps,

CRT, quartz oscillators, etc.

Our products include variety dimension and shape of thermal

evaporation boat and electron beam evaporation crucible liner

machined from solid-rod, ion beam filaments, electron beam

filaments made of W, Mo, Ta.


Boat: thickness from 0.1 to 0.5mm

Crucible liner: capacity from 2cc to 120cc

Arc Chamber of Ion Implanter

Ion implantation is a key technology in the semiconductor wafer


Our products include arc chamber components,gas pipes,

connection components(screw,nut,etc.)radiation shields made of

W, Mo, Ta.

Sputtering Target

Sputtering is also a key technology in the fabrication of

coating. We can supply kinds of sputtering target made of

Mo, W, Ta, Nb with purity of 99.95%.