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Tungsten Tube

Tungsten Tube

Standard GB, ASTM Material 99.95%W
Condition Sintering Specification as required or sample

Tungsten tube is made of pure metal tungsten with theoretical purity of 99.95%, density of 19.25g/cm3, tungsten is a kind of high performance material, melting point can reach (3422°C, 6192°F), vapor pressure (above 1650°C, 3000°F), thermal expansion coefficient is small, thermal conductivity, resistance, elastic modulus are outstanding. Whether it is made into tungsten plate, tungsten tube or crucible, he has high temperature resistance will not change, its processing methods are sintering, forging and wire cutting and other forms, can be made according to different needs of different shapes

Tungsten tube can be used for thermocouple sheaths, semiconductors, electronic controls, medical devices, nuclear and aerospace critical applications, advanced electronics, solar thermal management technologies, and high-temperature furnace parts applications.

Product NameSintered Tungsten Tube 99.95%
Material99.95% tungsten
SurfaceRolling, Black, Alkali wash, Polished, Ground
Density19.3 g /cm3
Melting point3410℃
CertificatePassed ISO9001

Standard: ASTM B760

Specification of Tungsten tube:

Wall thickness (mm)
GradeTungsten contentContent of impurity elements

Total contentEach content
WA1, WAL2≥99.95%≤0.05%≤0.01%

Tungsten tube Applications:

1、Producing thermowell

2、Producing crucibles parts for sapphire crystal growth and rare-earth melting

3、Mainly used in high temperature furnace parts, crucible, missile rocket nozzle and other high temperature furnace

4、Suitable for pressing thin wall tube and other special applications

Our tungsten products are specialized in various types of tungsten products (such as pipes, crucible, rods and rods, sheets and plates, etc.), mainly used as heavy alloys for counterweight and shielding and coating, composite materials for electrode contacts and hard alloys for tools.

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Address: Suite A2202-03, Qujiang Exhibition International Building, Yanzhan Road, Xi'an, 710061, China

Tel: 86-29-85325399 Fax: 86-29-85325610


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