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Tantalum Bracket

Tantalum Bracket

Standard GB, ASTM Material 99.95%Ta
Condition Machined Specification as required or sample

Tantalum bracket is a kind of element with high melting point and excellent drawing performance.   In addition to superior manufacturing capability, it has a low temperature from ductility to brittleness.   Tantalum is most commonly used in electrolytic capacitors.   Another use is for chemical process equipment such as heat exchangers and condensers.   The aerospace and nuclear industries have found various applications for the metal.   Because of its good corrosion resistance and resistance to body fluids, it can be used in repair and surgical equipment.

Tantalum is often found in hot spots of industrial vacuum furnaces.   Because of its unique properties, the metal can survive high temperatures where most other materials would fail instantaneously.   Tantalum's high melting temperature allows it to survive longer in these extreme temperatures.   However, the longer tantalum is exposed to high temperatures, the more likely grain growth and eventual failure will occur.


· Melting Point: 2996 °C

· Boiling Point: 5427 °C


· Electrical Conductivity: 13% IACS

· Electrical Resistivity: 135.0 nΩ . m at 20 °C


· Magnetic Susceptibility: 10.4 x10-6 mks at 25 °C


· Corrosion Behavior: Tantalum oxidizes in air above 300 °C. It has excellent resistance to corrosion


· Hardness: Electron beam melted, 110 HV; P/M compact 120 hv

· Modulus of Elasticity: Tension: 186 GPa at 20 °C; 159 GPa at 750 °C Shear: 69 GPa at 20 °C

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Address: Suite A2202-03, Qujiang Exhibition International Building, Yanzhan Road, Xi'an, 710061, China

Tel: 86-29-85325399 Fax: 86-29-85325610


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